his·to·ry / ˈhist(ə)rē/

"the whole series of past events connected with someone or something"

Who We Are.


We don’t want tradition.
We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker’s damn is the history we make today.

-Henry Ford

A Message From Our Founders

Jamie Via


"I began my real estate journey in 2013 as a Realtor in my hometown, Charlottesville, Virginia. While I initially served a mix of clients, it wasn't until 2018, after launching my own local brokerage, that I discovered my passion for renovations and actively sought out fix-and-flip opportunities. I scored a huge flip project on a historic home in Charlottesville, which coincided with the onset of the pandemic. Unforeseen material and labor shortages extended our timeline and maxed out the budget, while rising interest rates added pressure to my traditional real estate business, which was bustling with eager buyers in a limited inventory market.

I hit a point of exhaustion and contemplated leaving real estate. I was totally burned out. However, my perseverance paid off as we eventually completed the property, selling it at a modest profit. This success reignited my enthusiasm, motivating me to share my newfound expertise and extensive experience, accumulated over a decade in the industry, with fellow investors and agents.

In 2023, I enrolled in Pace Morby's mastermind class as a SubTo student, which led to the creation of The Unicorn Agent Team. I crossed paths with Phil during another valuable mentorship program under the guidance of Joshua Smith. Together, we form a pretty great partnership – I'm the visionary, and Phil is the integrator. We aim to empower agents with our knowledge, strategies, and tools, helping them master their businesses and realize their life visions. I take immense pride in the vibrant community we're building and eagerly look forward to welcoming you aboard!"

Phil Duke, Jr.


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We are proud supporters of our military family, friends, and clients. Phil is an active Captain in the Alabama Army National Guard, and Jamie's husband is a former member of the US Army and a law enforcement officer. We are proud to donate a portion of our proceeds every month to Folds of Honor, a charity that creates scholarships for children of fallen military soldiers and first responders. If you are so inclined, we invite you to make a donation to this wonderful charity as well!

Realize Your Vision, Own Your Life.

The Unicorn Team will help you achieve your goals as a Real Estate Agent, investor, or both! We will arm you with tools in your tool belt you need to succeed in creating generational wealth through real estate. Join our team today!

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