Welcome to The Unicorn Agent Team!

We Help Real Estate Agents and Investors Align To Create Innovative Solutions for All Real Estate Needs.

We are on a mission to help driven agents make a massive impact and build wealth through real estate.

Does this sound like you?

  • Real Estate Agent currently in a brokerage that won't allow you to work with investors?

  • Newbie agent wanting more than a traditional brokerage can offer?

  • Seasoned agent who's been taught traditional ways but ready to open your mind to new opportunities?

  • Real Estate Agent who doesn't know what to do with investor offers?

  • Investor who knows Real Estate Agents offer valuable connections?

  • Seasoned investor wanting to get licensed so you can serve other investors and collet referral fees?

Message From Our Founders

We couldn't be more excited to launch this innovative opportunity, and we're honored you are considering joining our team!

Realize Your Vision, Own Your Life.

With our Broker-backed support, you are able to achieve your goals both as a real estate agent, AND as an investor.

Competitive Splits

Keep more of your money with our competitive split program.

Low Caps

Get to 100% commission faster with our low $12,000 cap.

Work with More Clients

Learn investment strategies and creative financing.

Earn Passive Income

Earn more with our 5 tier revenue share down-line model coming soon.

Currently Serving Agents in Seven States...More Coming Soon!

Don't See Your Location Yet?

That’s ok! We are adding new locations every week for agents who want to join! Yours could be next!

We work with all kinds of investor avatars, exit strategies, and financing solutions in the real estate investing world. And we even have a data base just for you. Click below for more information!

We welcome all types of investors across the United States, including but not limited to rentals, flips, subject to, seller financing, wholesaling, multi-family, referrals, and of course traditional listings and sales.

Realize Your Vision, Own Your Life.

The Unicorn Team will help you achieve your goals as a Real Estate Agent, investor, or both! We will arm you with tools in your tool belt you need to succeed in creating generational wealth through real estate. Join our team today!

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